The first two fully registered Highland Ponies arrived in the Netherlands in the autumn of 1976, a mare and her colt foal. These two were followed by a mare and then by a licensed stallion. More ponies followed. The stallion sired a licensed son, who sired nine foals. The total number of ponies at the moment is around 35. One of our members emigrated to Poland and runs the very successful Manoah Stud there.

A first Highland Pony Activity weekend was held in 1993, Elisabeth Compton, Turin Hill Stud, being our expert guest. She was followed by Penny and Clive Smith, Nashend Stud, in 1995 and by Joan and Ronnie Alexander, Fourmerk Stud, in 1997.

Recently the association has seen an increase in membership with ponies from Scotland, Belgium and Poland, among them a potential stallion as well as a licensed 4-year old.

Highland Pony’s Nederland had their rules and regulations passed by a notary in 1997, is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and is affiliated to the Highland Pony Society in Scotland. Regretfully the number of ponies is too small to start a daughter studbook. There are, however, advantages to small numbers: events turn very easily into social gatherings in a friendly atmosphere and members know each other well enough to ask for advice if need be.

Highland Pony’s Nederland aim at promoting the breeding and registration of purebred Highlands, adhering to the rules of the HPS. The HPN look after members’ interests and represent the Dutch owners in the Netherlands and abroad. There is a regular exchange of information with the breed societies in Belgium and Germany. The knowledge and use of the Highland is promoted by sending out brochures on request and inviting the public to events.

A visit to a Highland pony owner is easily arranged. A newsletter is published biannually.



      Highland Pony’s Nederland